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Avery Hellman aka "Ismay" 
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The Team

Ismay represents the work of Avery Hellman, who uses songwriting, performance, recording, storytelling, photography, and film to express personal experiences and emotions as informed by the human and the natural world.

 She conceived a long horseback riding project in 2014 to further integrate her artwork with her desire to seek deeper knowledge of environmental and social issues. Over the years, this concept turned into Songs of the Klamath, a project that focuses on a particular region, and explores the human-nature connection and expresses it through songwriting and art.


In addition to being a musician and horseback traveler, she lives on and helps to manage her family ranch, and puts on a music festival in the hills above Petaluma, California.

Odessa is a six-year old Mustang mare born in the Owyhee herd area of northern Nevada. Gathered when she was a yearling, she lived in a holding facility until she was four and then was taken to Sacramento where an inmate from the correctional facility trained her for two months. We adopted her as part of an auction in 2015 and brought her to live in Petaluma.

She is named after The Odessa Tapes, an album by The Flatlanders. 

Lu/Atalaya is a five-year-old Mustang mare born in the Little Owyhee herd area of northern Nevada. She also spent a year in the wild before transferring to a holding facility, and then the Sacramento inmate training program run by the Sheriff's department. We brought Odessa and Lu together to Petaluma, where they enjoy the company of goats, sheep, and miniature donkeys. 

She is named after a mountain in New Mexico.