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An exploration of the connection between the arts and the environment through the story and landscape of the Klamath River

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Songs of the Klamath is a project that explores the connections between humans, nature, environmental justice, songwriting, and creativity through the story and landscape of the Klamath River. It all began as a horseback journey, but soon turned into a short film, live performance series, and recording project.

The short film came out exactly 1 year after leaving for our trip, May 24th 2018. Scroll down to watch!

'Songs of the Klamath' | Short film by Pint of Soul + Ismay

Ismay's first short film 'Songs of the Klamath' recounts a story of hope, adventure, and loss, and the songwriting that comes for from it. After leaving college and beginning on the path to become musician, Ismay looked towards horseback travels to find purpose and inspiration. On her journey along the Klamath River, she encountered wild stallions, tragic tales, and remarkable people living and working along the Klamath River. The final song on the film is about the story of a mustang who was on the trip, Odessa. She was born in the wild, captured by the US government when she was a year old, and then tamed and trained by an inmate in a Sacramento correctional facility. This song is written from the perspective of the inmate, and contemplates his shared experience of imprisonment with the formerly wild horse Odessa. Filmed in the summer of 2017, this piece was produced by Pint of Soul and Ismay. 'A Song for Odessa' was written and performed by Avery Hellman.

The Klamath River runs for 263 miles from south-central Oregon, through northern California, and into the Pacific Ocean (1). The basin provides a fascinating study for environmental issues as farmers, Karuk, Yurok, Klamath and Hoopa Tribes, hydroelectric power generators, commercial fishermen, and native species seek to thrive in the Klamath Basin (2)


  2. p. 74 The Reproduction of the Klamath Basin: Struggle for Water in a Changing Landscape Author(s): Jeffrey S. JenkinsSource: Yearbook of the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers, Vol. 73 (2011), pp. 69-78 Published by: University of Hawai'i Press

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